About Us


We are an efficient, innovative and creative business group, known for its technological leadership, professionalism and ethical approach, both nationally and internationally.

What we offer?

Natural surfaces are right on trend. Wood Design APS are hardly distinguishable from real wood. With number of attractive surface finishes they offer whole range of designs. Wood Grain Aluminium Composite Panel is flat panels that is composed of Non-toxic Unbroken LDPE core bonded between front wood finished aluminium sheets and back primer aluminium sheets. This aluminium composite panel is produced in patterns that imitate wood. They have superior fireproof property long life and exceptional surface flatness. Due to their good weather resistance, Wood Grain ACP can withstand adverse weather conditions. In addition, they are light weight and easy to maintain. The colors of these wall panels can also be customized Features: Unmatched finish, smooth surface, highly durable, light in weight, available in various designs and dimensions, easy to clean, moisture proof in nature, easy to install, reasonable price etc.

Construction curtain wall; Old construction wall restored; Roof; Eave; Loge; Compartment; Removable board; Indoor stock shelf; Sign; Advertise board; Barge decorating; Ceilings of kitchen and toilet, Cosmetics, Food, Medicine; Clarification plate of electronics field and so on; Interior wall decoration of operating room and aseptic room.
Aluminum composite panels (marble & granite series) are excellent substitutes for real marbles for many decoration purposes such as in villas, fashion shops, great halls, pillars, windows and doors.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    Based on our guiding tenets of leadership, team-spirit, commitment, performance, enterprise and innovation, the Uroneel Group retains the same spirit of ingenuity that inspired us years ago. The Uroneel Group is committed to serving society by providing quality products and services, is dedicated to long term growth, will always practice highest standards of integrity and deliver value to our customers, employees, associates and stakeholders.
  • Our Vission

    Build a conglomerate which will become the leader in its chosen business areas, create an organisation that all its constituents are proud to be associated with, and set benchmarks that will become the standard for others to emulate; all this without compromising on ethical business practices.