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Production Line Machinery

Uroneel Industries Aluminum Panel Sheet is a revolution and it precedes with galore and prudence for quality, durability, aesthetics and elegance. URONEEL' Aluminum Panel Sheet - The Alumni of the aluminium cult for strength, durability and esthetical elegance.

Routing & Folding Techniques

The technique, called routing and folding method, enables a fabricator to produce shapes of various kinds and sizes. A V-shaped or rectangular groove is routed on the reverse side of the URONEEL panels using a disk or end milling cutter.


It includes Linear Thermal Expansion/Contraction, Prevention from edge corrosion, Installation direction for coatings, Reinforcement. In Metallic Colors,slight color difference will be noticeable between the panels installed in different directions.


Ordinary Aluminium processing and wood working machines as well as tools can be used for fabricating the Panels. URONEEL panels can be shaped using a very simple fabrication method. It enables a fabricator to produce shapes of various kinds and sizes.

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